Fighting Casualisation at the University of Oxford: Identifying the Key Issues

Next anti-casualisation workshop taking place from 13.00-14.00 on Friday 4 December.

On Monday 16 November, the UCU Anti-Casualisation Network and Fund the Future Working Group ran a workshop, Opposing Fixed Term Contracts at the University of Oxford. Speakers from the UCU, Tom White the joint Anti-Casualisation Officer, and Mikal Mast, the Casework Co-Ordinator, offered insight into the problem and on what the UCU can offer. Roberto Mozzachiodi offered some useful insights from the much more established union movement in Goldsmiths University, which recently won in a dispute with the university over the freezing of all fixed term contract extensions due to Covid. There was also a report from the grass-roots post-doc network, who have been knowledge sharing across colleges and departments, to help post-docs of all kinds apply for contract extensions due to Covid-relation disruptions with some (albeit limited) success. Over forty people attended, which demonstrated the urgency and importance of this problem, and it was agreed with consultation from the participants that we would hold another event before the end of term.

Join us at the next anti-cas event, Fighting Casualisation at the University of Oxford: Identifying the Key Issues, on 4 December, 1-2pm. Register for the event here.

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