Meetings & events

We hold at least three general meetings each year, one of which is designated as the annual general meeting. Details of those meetings and other events organised or promoted by the Oxford branch will be posted here.

The next General Meeting is scheduled for 1 pm on 1 November 2022.

Extraordinary General Meeting at 1pm on 23 June 2022

The substantive issue for discussion will be a branch position on the questions that branches have been asked to respond to on the next phase of the Four Fights and USS disputes.

Annual General Meeting at 1pm on 14 June 2022

At the meeting we will provide a review of the main issues the branch has been involved in during the past year, discuss and identify key issues for the coming year and agree the local subscription rates for the year commencing 1st September 2022.

Second open meeting on ContEd tutor pay and contracts at 1pm on 14 March 2022

Oxford UCU is organising a second open meeting to discuss the pay and contracts situation for part-time tutors at the Department for Continuing Education. We have posted a writeup of the first meeting on the Oxford UCU blog.

Following the first meeting, Oxford UCU committee members and select representatives of ContEd tutors attended a meeting called by ContEd management. Acting Director Dr Adrian Stokes, Head of Administration and Finance Sean Faughnan, and Deputy Administrator and HR Manager Joel Atkin attended.

The meeting provided the opportunity for us to hear about what the Department is doing (and plans to do) to improve working conditions for part-time tutors, and to present concerns and suggestions raised by tutors in the open meeting on 14 February and in subsequent email communications.

At the second open meeting on 14 March we will provide an update on our conversations with ContEd management, propose the formation of a working group of tutors to carry forward discussions with management, and consider prioritisation of issues of most concern to tutors.

We would very much value your input.

To join the meeting on 14 March please register in advance.

Oxford Brookes Industrial Action from 28 February to 2 March 2022

On Monday to Wednesday this week, along with 68 UCU branches nationwide, your colleagues at Oxford Brookes will again be taking industrial action to fight for fair pay and equality and against casualisation and damaging workloads.

Do stop by the Brookes pickets on London Road to show your solidarity. Brookes UCU are holding a public rally on Tuesday 1 March at 12 noon at the entrance to the Headington campus with speakers including UCU President Vicky Blake.

Oxford Brookes Pickets on 21-22 February 2022

From Monday, UCU branches at 68 universities will be on strike in the Four Fights dispute to fight for your pay and equality, and against casualisation and damaging workloads.

Your colleagues at Oxford Brookes will be on strike and picketing outside the main entrance to the Headington Campus on Monday 21 and Tuesday 22 February.

Even though we are prevented from taking industrial action, you can help make sure the strikes are a success:

1) Join your colleagues at 12.30 on Monday outside Exam Schools to walk up the hill together to show solidarity with your colleagues at Brookes.

2) Donate to the Fighting Fund if you are able. Colleagues striking on your behalf are losing pay for every day they are on strike. The Fighting Fund is used to compensate your colleagues for lost pay.

3) Join the digital picket during the strikes. Don’t use your personal social media to promote work of institutions involved in the dispute.

Continuing Education Pay and Contracts Open Meeting on 14 February 2022

The Department for Continuing Education relies to a great extent on casualised labour, with part-time tutors on casual and zero-hours contracts suffering from intermittent and uncertain employment and low levels of pay. More than once, tutors have not been paid correctly: recently it transpired that on-line tutors were underpaid last term, and would have been underpaid all year had the error not been spotted by one of them.

Tutors who have tried to improve their conditions have only been able to make slow and limited progress. UCU believes that part-time tutors working together is the best way to improve conditions for all.

Oxford University UCU organised an open meeting to which all Continuing Education tutors – both former and current – were invited to share ideas and experiences. Oxford UCU officers and Cont Ed tutors provided an overview of the contract and pay situation, followed by an opportunity for open discussion and planning.

NOTE: Membership of UCU is not determined by the number of hours you work or the type of contract you have: many of our members work on a part-time or hourly-paid basis. Membership can cost as little as £1 a month depending on your earnings. For more information and to join UCU visit