About Us

Oxford UCU is run by your colleagues 

What we do

We make a real difference in negotiating your pay and conditions, and successfully help many members when difficulties arise. We represent academic and academic-related members of staff and if you are in one of those categories you can get the best out of your career by being a member.  

Who we are

Membership is open to both university and college employees and our members include lecturers, post-doctoral research and other fixed-term staff, professors, readers, librarians, administrators, computer staff and postgraduates who teach.

Your voice

Oxford UCU is your voice in discussions with the University on a variety of issues that affect you. We negotiated with the University the existing pay scales and single pay spine that came into force in 2006. Those changes have directly affected the terms and conditions of employment of all Oxford’s academic and academic-related staff. We are also working to obtain more secure posts for those currently on fixed-term contracts in Oxford. We represent the views of fixed-term staff on the University’s Contract Research Staff Working Group. The individual colleges in Oxford do not currently officially recognise UCU (or other trade unions) – see here for more details – so while we cannot collectively bargain with colleges, we can and frequently do offer guidance, support and casework to members who are employed on college-only contracts. 

Advice and Representation

In addition to the above negotiations we provide an advice and representation service for members who have individual problems. Cases are dealt with by Oxford UCU’s experienced team of caseworkers and typically include issues like workload, stress, fixed-term contracts and discrimination. UCU’s Legal Scheme, giving access to personal help by employment lawyers, is only available if a problem arises 90 days AFTER you join us. Don’t wait until it is too late – join us today!   

Contact us

If you have any questions, please contact the Oxford UCU Office: ucu@ox.ac.uk