Know Your Contract Workshop

Next anti-casualisation workshop taking place from 13.00-14.00 on Friday 22 January.

On Friday 4 December, the Oxford UCU Anti-Casualisation Network (@OxfordAntiCas) and Fund the Future Working Group ran a second open meeting of the term, Fighting Casualisation at the University of Oxford: Identifying the Key Issues. Tom White, the joint Anti-Casualisation Officer, introduced a new Know Your Rights booklet that provides information on contracts, rights, and redundancy procedures for fixed-term, stipendiary, and other casualised staff. The booklet will be posted to the website soon. The issue of union recognition by Colleges was then discussed and Ruth Lawlor from Cambridge UCU offered a valuable account of their recent organising efforts. In 2021, we plan to hold a joint Cambridge-Oxford Anti-Casualisation Network meeting to discuss how we might address this issue collectively. The meeting also heard from postgraduate members angry about the terms of their employment as teaching assistants. If you are a postgraduate member and would like to join a new working group on this issue, please email

Join us at the next anti-cas event, Fighting Casualisation at the University of Oxford: Know Your Contract, on 22 December, 1-2pm. Register for the event here.

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