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Health and Safety

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If you have a health & safety problem

Your local safety representative at departmental, college or LA should be your first port of call for any health or safety query or problem. Elected by the union locally, they have the knowledge, are able to access training with paid leave, get paid facility time and have direct access to the union's officials and health and safety advice line. They are part of the local procedures agreed with your management, with statutory rights, to deal with health and safety.

Reporting Problems

We would like to be informed of any accidents which have had or may have had serious consequences. We're also interested in preventing accidents so would appreciate reports of anything you consider to be 'an accident waiting to happen'.

UCU H&S information

UCU produces an extensive range of fact sheets specifically for UCU health and safety reps as well as examples of good practice and useful tools.

Oxford UCU H&S Contacts


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